a return to scotland

this past weekend, i returned for a weekend to aberdeen, scotland, for the UK premiere of a new anthem, “most glorious lord of lyfe!” the edmund spencer text was originally commissioned by stephanie council, a dear friend and colleague from westminster choir college. the evening before the premiere, i accompanied friends to a concert with world-renowned welsh baritone sir bryn terfel and the sublime annabel thwaite at the piano. afterwards, our group went backstage to congratulate both on an incredibly inspiring concert. i was also able to reminisce with bryn when we shared that stage in central park during a benefit concert with the NY philharmonic and andrea boccelli — bryn being the guest soloist and i was in the choir. 


the university of aberdeen is one of the ancient centers of learning in the world. established in 1495 by bishop elphinstone, the chapel of king’s college aberdeen was erected in 1509. prof paul mealor programmed my anthem, “most glorious lord of lyfe!” with the university of aberdeen chapel choir as the introit for this celebratory service. thank you, paul, for your expert conducting, and the choir for their enthusiastic singing. 

John Frederick HudsonComment